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John Barone


  • President of Market Vision, Inc.John - buscas
  • Author: The Commodity Update & The Weekly Summary
  • Founder/Host: The Purchasing Conference
  • Advisory Board: NRA Study Group on Supply Chain Management
  • Board of Directors: The Chain Gang

John Barone is a commodity analyst and President of Market Vision, Inc.  He is an active speaker, presenter and educator within the foodservice industry. His focus on macroeconomics has helped restaurateurs understand the new and dramatic global forces that are driving commodity prices – and helped them recognize the need to reformulate supply chain approaches and risk management solutions.

John specializes in “connecting the dots” – distilling complex economic, market and commodity data down to actionable information and presentations for supply chain execs, management, franchise operators and restaurant investors.

He is known industry-wide for sponsoring “The Purchasing Conference for Chain Restaurant Executives” – founded in 1988 and now held twice annually.

John sits on the advisory board for the National Restaurant Association’s Executive Study Group on Supply Chain Management. Starting in 2012, the NRA supply chain group partnered with John to run their fall supply chain meeting in conjunction with Market Vision’s Fall Purchasing Conference.

John is a board member and avid supporter of John Hogan and the “The Chain Gang,” a group of predominantly west-coast chain restaurant operators, who network together (and with vendors) four times annually in Long Beach, CA.

John holds a BA in Mathematics and an MBA in Quantitative Analysis from Rutgers University. Market Vision’s services directly reflect John’s training and intuitive strengths in research, statistics, forecasting and analysis.