Speaking & Presentations
John Barone offers a unique view of the economy, energy markets and food commodities. He annually presents at the Fall and Spring Market Vision Purchasing Conferences, MUFSO, the NRA’s Supply Chain Meetings, Chain Gang meetings – as well as chain restaurant franchise conventions, franchise advisory committees, annual manager’s meetings, and supplier national account sales and customer events.

Commodity Forecasting & Analysis
Market Vision uses a combination of statistical and judgmental methods to identify short term trends, seasonality and longer term cycles. John Barone is a member of the International Association of Forecasters and stays very current on new methods and developments in forecasting.

Risk Management Programs
Kick your level of sophistication up a notch. Through its affiliations with Eric Meyer at HighGround Dairy and Brian Williams at Macquarie Group  (grains, softs, veg-oil), Market Vision helps chain restaurant companies get a firm handle on food cost risk.

Contract vs. Market Benchmarking
Want to know how your contracts are preforming against the “market?” Let Market Vision chart your commodity-based supplier contracts vs. underlying markets. Isolate market “overage” and add a 6-month forecast to this analysis and you have the perfect tool for evaluating performance, negotiating contracts & conducting supplier reviews.

Customized Commodity Tracking
Need to track a specific item? Market Vision can provide historical data along with weekly or monthly reports so you can follow pricing trends.