ChainGangMeetings by Market Vision, Inc

The Purchasing Council of Southern California was created by John Hogan in 2003 as a way for chain restaurant executives to socialize, network, share information and create a “community” of supply chain executives.  The first meeting was in 2003 at Monterey Park with 8 restaurant chains and 9 members represented. In 2006 the group officially shortened its name and incorporated as “The Chain Gang.”

The Chain Gang now meets four times per year (2019 dates -February 5, May 2, August 1 & November 7) at The Reef Restaurant in Long Beach, CA. Meetings generally run from 2:00-7:00pm and consist of a small food show followed by a dinner. Recent meeting average 30 exhibitors and roughly 35-50 attendees from the customer side.

In 2017, Mr. Hogan decided to take a step back and brought in Market Vision to manage marketing, registration and execution of the meetings. That transition was very effective and led to Market Vision purchasing the exclusive rights to The Chain Gang name and meetings in 2018.

In 2018, Chain Gang Meetings by Market Vision branched out by adding its first Northern California meeting in the Bay Area (San Ramon). Other cities are being considered as sites for potential future events.

John Hogan, Founder and “Chief Warden” of The Chain Gang, remains actively involved. He’s had a long and illustrious career,  holding purchasing positions with Denny’s, CFS Continental/Sysco, Rykoff-Sexton and Specialty Restaurants. The success of The Chain Gang is a testament to John’s long-accumulated “legion” of friends across the foodservice industry.

John Barone, President of Market Vision, is a commodity analyst working with chain restaurant companies. He is the founder of two Supply Chain Conferences and an avid speaker/educator within the chain restaurant community. John also serves on the advisory board to the National Restaurant Association’s Executive Study Group on Supply Chain Management.

Janet Cohen is the Director of Conferences and Events for both The Chain Gang and Market Vision. For more information, you can contact  her at


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