January 21

1/21 – The Super Bowl match-up is set and just 2 weeks away. Congrats to the Rams and Patriots! Superbowl season always means that chicken wings are in high demand. Prices for USDA NE weighted average whole wings have jumped from $1.51/lb in late December to $1.74 (1/18), and are running 9% above a year ago. 2018 wing prices were at 4-year lows and more of the same had been expected for 2019. Cold storage wing supplies are up 30% from a year ago and the highest since 2013. So the January jump in wings prices is already more than was anticipated. The USDA wing market should peak in the $1.75-to-$1.80/lb range this week. The NCAA basketball tournament (March Madness) will help keep wing prices somewhat elevated, and then it’s all downhill from there. Look for wings to be $1.60s post-Super Bowl, $1.50s in March and $1.40s in April.

Sheena Levi